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Great Art for Great Kids | Knokke-Heist

The expo

Starting with an explanation about the various art movements, the interactive exhibition takes young and old on a fun voyage of discovery past portraits, Old and Flemish Masters, the impressionists and Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries. From the Van Eyck brothers and Michelangelo to Mondrian, Mark Rothko and Keith Haring; they all have a place among the exhibits.

Anyone familiar with the picture books by Thais Vanderheyden knows all about it.

The Belgian illustrator and author of children's books has been teaching children about Great Art through the book series "Grote Kunst voor Kleine Kenners" [Great Art for Great Kids] for quite a while now by creating her own ingenious version of each famous picture. She has transformed famous works of art into delightful junior versions that appeal to the imagination of art lovers from 7 to 77.

In the Great Art for Great Kids exhibition, some drawings by Thais are shown motionless, while others come to life with the aid of various animations and interactive techniques. An audio guide steers the visitors in an engaging manner in 50 minutes through the history of fine art paying attention to the different art movements and artists.

Become a real Art Expert

As an extra trump card, children can enjoy themselves in an interactive search that helps them to understand the world of Great Art in a creative manner. Thus they become real art experts.

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